Monday, October 12, 2009

Bridal Fashion Shoot IV-Oceanfront Oasis

Today I have two different bridal looks to share with you. Lacey's gorgeous red hair and lovely fair skin are played up with bold eyes and red lips. This 1940's inspired bridal look is ultra glamorous and quite alluring.

Lacey relaxing in the living room of the
Oceanfront Oasis.

The photographer, Brooke Dombroski captured this shot and we all took a sneak peak in her cameras view finder. We knew this would be an amazing one!

And now...

I call Tori's look, "Breakfast in Tiffany's with a Tropical Flair". A little classic and very flirty, Tori's updo, bold eyes and muted lips are bridal fabulous.

As the sun sets at the
Oceanfront Oasis, Tori lingers at the entrance of the estate.

Believe it or not, this picture was shot in the master bathroom of the estate. The light was amazing and the glass tile covered room created the perfect location for a head shot. Leave it to Brooke's creative eye to have figured this one out.

Check back for my next and final posting on this amazing bridal photo shoot. I'll give you a few words to think's it! You'll have to check back to see what I'm talking about.

Models: Lacey Lien and Tori Silva
Photography: Booke Dombroski
Makeup: Gemina Chong of Faith and Beauty 808-391-5753
Hair: Melanie Samiano of Faith and Beauty
Jewelry: Nini's Boutique

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