Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Favor Baskets For Cookie Lovers

I'm a homemade cookie fan and I especially love bite sized cookies. When I was recently introduced to Auntie Nalani's Cookies, I knew I had to share the goodness with everyone. Nalani puts together fabulous wedding favor baskets filled with cookies made from her family recipe. I'm not talking about a couple of cookies but approximately 40 bite sized morsels. Now that's a favor that guests will remember! Her lauhala baskets are a generous size, much bigger then you would expect and everything is customizable. Here are a few selections.

You choose the color of ribbon, shell or orchid type and the text for the label and Nalani does the rest.
Favors can add a lot to the decor of a wedding as shown below.

What an unexpected treat to find a gift basket on your ceremony chair.
I often hear from couples that they want to give a favor that their guests can use and that won't get thrown away. What better gift to give then one that can be enjoyed immediately (cookies) and used in the future (basket). They are the perfect complement to an island, beach or tropical wedding.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cell Phone Love- i <3 u

When I saw this wedding cake topper from Beaucoup I knew I had to share it. Anyone who has an addiction to their cell phone will totally get this. Others may scoff but look out at your reception and check how many guests are on their phone at your wedding. They're probably on Facebook, Twitter and email sharing about your big day.

I hope they are calling each other!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Popcorn-Party Food

One Christmas season I decided that I wanted to make green and red popcorn balls to share with family, friends and neighbors. I stumbled across a microwave recipe that I thought would be the perfect solution for making mass quantities in minimal time. Somewhere between the melting corn syrup, gooey marshmallows and red and green food coloring, my project went terribly wrong. I ended up with blotchy popcorn blobs and bowls of indestructible goo. Although I haven’t mustered up the willpower to try my hand at popcorn balls since, I do enjoy a freshly popped bag of popcorn from time to time. When planning your next celebration, consider renting a popcorn cart and having a popcorn attendant pass out freshly popped bags of goodness to your guests for a fun and unexpected treat.

Found Here

Found Here
Candy buffets are all the rage but what about a popcorn buffet?

Found Here

Found Here
Your very own personalized popcorn bags, cellophane bags or Chinese takeout containers allow guests to pick the popcorn of their choice and munch on their merry way.

My bag would be full of cheddar cheese flavored popcorn. I stay away from the sticky sweet variety-bad memories.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Up Up and Away-Balloons Take Flight in Wedding Photography

One of my favorite childhood books was The Red Balloon. The story tells of a boy who is befriended by a giant red balloon. The balloon becomes his buddy and with the help of ally balloons, eventually carries him to safety away from mean neighborhood bullies. I always wondered if it was possible to be lifted off the ground by a giant balloon. I wonder if these couples were carried away when being photographed with this fun photo-op trend.
Found here.
Found here.

Found here.

Found here.

Found here.

Balloons are one of those party items that takes us back to childhood. These pictures reflect the innocents of love and the two together make for sweet images.