Monday, June 28, 2010

The Kahala Hotel and Resort-Vivi and Qiao

The Kahala Hotel and Resort is a beautiful location for a Hawaii oceanfront wedding. Vivi and Qiao were married at the Diamond Head gazebo followed by an outdoor reception. Thank you to Fisheye Studio for providing us a glimpse at their wedding. Check back for pictures of their day.

qiao + vivi // two hearts are better than one from Joshua Fair on Vimeo.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Stress Free Wedding Day-Getting Ready Tips

Even the most laid-back brides can feel a little anxious as they get ready on their wedding day. I’ve put together a few simple tips to help you stay calm as you prepare to walk down the aisle.

Don’t be the last to have your hair styled and makeup applied. You might think that being the bride you should be the last in line to get into the beauty seat so you are fresh for your walk down the aisle. Rather then going last, I suggest you place yourself higher up on the list. By going, say next to last, you’ll have time to relax with your bridal party and leisurely make your way into your wedding dress. When the stylist is done with the last bridesmaid, you can have your hair touched up and your lipstick applied without feeling rushed.

Photo by SarahQ

Schedule a massage for your wedding day. I don’t recommend an oil-filled full body massage because as much as they are absolutely delightful, having oily hair on your wedding day is not. Instead consider reflexology or better yet, have a masseuse come to the location where you’ll be getting ready. For one wedding I brought in a massage therapist to massage the bride’s hands and feet while she sat in a comfortable chair with her makeup applied and her hair done. It was a relaxing and rejuvenating experience for the bride and the perfect way to calm any nerves.

Bring along a scented candle. The power of aromatherapy is amazing. Certain smells can evoke memories and provide relaxation. Pick your favorite scent in a travel size (lavender is especially calming), don’t forget a lighter and smell your way to a stress-free day.

Turn up the music. Create a playlist on your IPod that will put you in your happy place. For some brides it may be classical music for others it may be Madonna classics. You know what you like best so whatever puts a smile on your face, turn it on and turn it up.

Eat, drink and get married. Plan ahead and either have food delivered to you or arrange to have someone pick-up a nutritious breakfast or lunch. Healthy food will keep your blood sugars level and water will help you to stay hydrated, a good combination for a happy and relaxed bride.

Hire a wedding planner. I had to put that in there but really, when someone else is running around with the timeline and checklist, you can mentally relax. Turning over the responsibility to a professional planner will be a priceless gift of peace of mind you give yourself.

Be flexible and stay positive. We all know that we make our own choices. What better choice on your wedding day then to choose to remain positive and be flexible. You’ve done all of the hard work and now is your time to enjoy the day.

Photo by SarahQ