Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Moroccan Decor III

If you've been following along, you know that this week is all about Moroccan event decor. We've moved from the interior of the beautiful Beachfront Oasis and now we dive in to all of the beautiful details of the party. Layering linens,flowers,vessels and unexpected elements create depth, character and intrigue into design.

Photos by Taryn Reid Photography
The creativity of Shilhi of Passion Roots amazes me. Who knew that placing an artichoke in a smoke colored cup could be so intriguing. When I went for a last minute grocery store run for an orange colored fruit and grapes, I didn't know how perfect a tangerine could be in a lotus shaped vase accented by a beautiful orchid. Genius!

Photos by Taryn Reid Photography
Texture is everywhere!

Photos by Rafael Swit for Fisheye Studio Inc.
Luscious floral arrangements were everywhere. I love the different elements used from moss and twigs to crystals.

Photo by Daryl Watanabe
Look at all of the amazing elements in just this one shot!

We're just getting warmed up because there's more Moroccan decor to come. It's is all about a beautiful couple and a stunning cake!


Monday, December 28, 2009

Moroccan Decor II

Today I continue with the Moroccan inspired decor of a recent event. We move from the pool to the interior of the house. The Beachfront Oasis estate is a unique venue space allowing for endless options for adding accents throughout the house. In order to provide guests with an authentic Moroccan experience, I brought in loads of pillows and arranged them on the two lounge couches in the living room. Shilhi from Passion Roots created a large low arrangement for the over-sized coffee table while flowers were arranged in a swirl pattern on each of the three beds.

We swagged orange and pink fabric over all of the interior sliding glass doors accented by hanging flowers. The swags set the stage for the what guests would find outside.

Tomorrow is all about amazing details.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Moroccan Decor I

Today I begin a series of images from a recent soiree where I was given the opportunity to create the design and theme of the event. With the amazing creativity of floral designer Shilhi of Passion Roots, we brought together a Moroccan themed event that if I do say so myself, was absolutely stunning. All good designs have to begin somewhere and my inspiration started with the beautiful indoor pool of the Beachfront Oasis estate. While researching for another event, I came across an image of beautiful swags of fabric draped over a pool. I filed the picture away knowing that someday I wanted to recreate the look and feel of that picture. So we begin with the pool.

Top photos by
Rafael Switt for Fisheye Studio Inc / Bottom photo by Daryl Watanabe
Groupings of flowers and candles float around the pool effortlessly.

Photo by Taryn Reid Photography

Photo by Shawn Starr
Pink, orange and blue fabric gracefully swag across the pool. As the evening progressed, dramatic lighting lit up the pool in a leaf design.
More to come....


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Delightful Brunch with Kathy Ireland

Today I had the privilege of attending a brunch hosted by the very gracious and inspiring Kathy Ireland. Kathy is not only the designer and CEO of the design empire, Kathy Ireland Worldwide®, but she is also a philanthropist and loving mother of three. Her mission is “… finding solutions for families, especially busy moms."

Kathy and I at the Oceanfront Oasis. I love that the beautiful picture of Elizabeth Taylor is in the background.

Shilhi of Passion Roots and I wanted to create a winter theme for the brunch keeping in mind that it would be close to 80 degrees with the breathtaking ocean as a backdrop at the Oceanfront Oasis Estate. We must have been sending each other design vibes because we both came to the table with similar ideas, winter whites with muted greys. Shilhi ran with the theme, Winter French Bohemian, and the result is nothing short of breathtaking.

How stunning is this lace fringed tulip!

Even the pool was graced with floral and crystal arrangements.

Shilhi indulged my obsession with birds used in decor with this amazing white beauty.

The very talented hair and makeup artist Corvette Dela Cruz, myself and the equally talented makeup artist Gemina Chong of
Faith and Beauty.

The gang is joined by Shilhi herself and Rafael Swit of Fisheye Studio.

Thank you to Kathy Ireland and the
Oasis World Estates for allowing me to be a part of this very special day. What an honor and a blessing it was to chat with Kathy Ireland and the other wonderful guests. It was definitely a day that I will treasure.


Friday, December 11, 2009

Blaine Ashley Fashion Show-Beachfront Oasis Launch

I have to admit that I have a mild obsession with walk-in closets. Being a big fan of HGTV home shows, I hold by breathe for the revealing of....the closet. I think it all began when I saw Kimora Lee-Simons mansion of a closet and the yearning for one of my own began. Of course a beautifully organized room-sized closet yearns for fabulous fashions. I was recently introduced to ShopBlaineAshely and I am a proud owner of a beautiful black off-the-shoulder amazing black dress that is beckoning for another party! Here are some of the beautiful designs from the website modeled by stunningly gorgeous women.

Clothing: Blaine Ashley
Makeup: Corvette Dela Cruz and Gemina Chong
Hair: Renei and Kristin Mihei
Models: Nicole/ Giselle/ Brigitte /Justine/ Sasha / Heidi / Ashley