Monday, May 4, 2009

Table Top Book for Your Reception Table

Very dear friends recently were wed in Ohio and then returned back to Hawaii for a second reception. I had the privilege of planning their reception, a casual gathering of close friends. I wanted to find something to use as a sign-in book and something that would be meaningful to them. I headed to the bookstore and picked-up a beautiful table top book of Hawaii. Found here
I printed and framed suggestions listed below for guests and placed the frame on a table with the book and a fine tip permanent marker.
1. Pick a place that you and the couple visited together and write about that memory.
2. Choose a location that is meaningful to you and share why it is with the couple and why they are meaningful to you.
3. Pick a page that reminds you of the couple and tell them why.
The couple was delighted and guests enjoyed browsing through the book and choosing a page to write on. Think-yearbook for grownups. In fact, I knew I wanted to write on the page that had dolphins displayed and I was tempted to write, "Page saved for Karine".

They can now take this book with them as they set-up house as husband and wife and they will always have memories of Hawaii and the people that shared this part of the journey with them.

Table top books make great alternatives to reception table sign-in books for intimate receptions. They are a perfect memento of your destination wedding and something that you will treasure for a lifetime and find yourself looking through over and over again.

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