Saturday, May 23, 2009

Photographer Highlight-Brooke Dombroski

I had the privilege of seeing photographer Brooke Dombroski at work and this woman has talent! Every picture was so perfectly framed and she literally took hundreds of amazingly beautiful photographs. She is so unobtrusive when she's snapping away that you'll forget that your intimate wedding day moments are being captured for posterity. Isn't that the way you want it to be on your wedding day? If someone is going to be documenting the love you are feeling and sharing, you want it to be natural and spontaneous.

With a degree in graphic design (oh did I forget to mention that she's also smart!) she is also a talented graphic artist. You can see her artistic eye in the way she uses lenses and light. Check out her website Her fashion and lifestyle photography is stunning. She recently did a pregnancy photo shoot that you can see on her "recent work" page and the mom-to-be is gorgeously pregnant and Brooke captures her in all her mommy glory.

First comes love...then comes marriage...then comes a baby in a baby carriage...Brooke's got you covered!

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