Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Real Weddings - Chad and Nicole

Nicole shared about how she and Chad met. She was sure he was “The One” when she was able to check these items of her list… “loves God-check, handsome-check, loves to travel-check, into teeth-sold!!" I have to explain the teeth part. He’s a dentist and she’s a dental student. They both come from a family line of get the picture. Nicole wanted her wedding to be modern, simple, intimate and with an infusion of her love for Hawaii. She choose blue and coral as her color scheme bringing two elements of Hawaii that she loves, the ocean and a Hawaiian sunset, into the overall decor of the wedding.
The ceremony was held under a beautiful stone gazebo where various sized lanterns were hung creating a canopy over the bride and groom.
In order to create an intimate setting we brought in square tables draped in teal colored,crushed-satin tablecloths. Guests were able to comfortably hold a conversation without having to strain over a large round table. Lanterns were hung low in groups of three in order to create a cozy and modern feel. Coral orchids and tropical leaves were simple yet elegant and votives were wrapped in thin strips of greenery.
The couple offered guests their wedding cake, mini crème brule and chocolate decadence. Delicious!
After a bubbly send off the couple spent their honeymoon on a Caribbean cruise.

Photography by Sarah Q.

More to come....

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