Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Moroccan Decor III

If you've been following along, you know that this week is all about Moroccan event decor. We've moved from the interior of the beautiful Beachfront Oasis and now we dive in to all of the beautiful details of the party. Layering linens,flowers,vessels and unexpected elements create depth, character and intrigue into design.

Photos by Taryn Reid Photography
The creativity of Shilhi of Passion Roots amazes me. Who knew that placing an artichoke in a smoke colored cup could be so intriguing. When I went for a last minute grocery store run for an orange colored fruit and grapes, I didn't know how perfect a tangerine could be in a lotus shaped vase accented by a beautiful orchid. Genius!

Photos by Taryn Reid Photography
Texture is everywhere!

Photos by Rafael Swit for Fisheye Studio Inc.
Luscious floral arrangements were everywhere. I love the different elements used from moss and twigs to crystals.

Photo by Daryl Watanabe
Look at all of the amazing elements in just this one shot!

We're just getting warmed up because there's more Moroccan decor to come. It's is all about a beautiful couple and a stunning cake!


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