Sunday, December 27, 2009

Moroccan Decor I

Today I begin a series of images from a recent soiree where I was given the opportunity to create the design and theme of the event. With the amazing creativity of floral designer Shilhi of Passion Roots, we brought together a Moroccan themed event that if I do say so myself, was absolutely stunning. All good designs have to begin somewhere and my inspiration started with the beautiful indoor pool of the Beachfront Oasis estate. While researching for another event, I came across an image of beautiful swags of fabric draped over a pool. I filed the picture away knowing that someday I wanted to recreate the look and feel of that picture. So we begin with the pool.

Top photos by
Rafael Switt for Fisheye Studio Inc / Bottom photo by Daryl Watanabe
Groupings of flowers and candles float around the pool effortlessly.

Photo by Taryn Reid Photography

Photo by Shawn Starr
Pink, orange and blue fabric gracefully swag across the pool. As the evening progressed, dramatic lighting lit up the pool in a leaf design.
More to come....

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