Tuesday, April 7, 2009

"To Do" List-To Go

I picked up the latest issue of Real Simple magazine today. The cover grabbed my attention, "Back-to-basics cleaning: 78 easy ideas to make every room shine-fast". Did you catch that last word? Fast! That's my kind of cleaning. But I digress because before I could get to the,"cleaning of it all" (I stole that line from Niecy Nash from the t.v. show "Clean House"-get the theme?), I was captivated by the most clever,"should have thought of it first" organization tool I have ever seen. The "Task Mug". Yep, that's right a task list right on your mug. Are you the type to scribble your "to do" list on bits of paper and then leave it, loose it or throw it away? If sticky notes are not your thing then you must get this. Fast!
No excuses if you're not a coffee or tea drinker with the glass tumbler option below.

You can't forget to pick-up dog food, go to the dentist at noon, and pay the bills when you have it all written down right in front of you all day long. How perfect is that and environmentally friendly as well! Think of the busy bride who has a million things to do. It would make a perfect bridal shower gift or just a gift for yourself. Now if you think I am obsessive about lists, you're right, so no comments are required. You can be next in line after me to order your own ,"Write on Mug". You can find it here.


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