Friday, April 10, 2009

Creative Cakes-DIY

This time of year I always think about creating my world famous bunny cake. Well maybe it's not world famous but it ranks right up there with my family. I'll have to dig out a picture one of these days or better yet, break out the mixer and bake one again. While I was perusing Hostess {with the mostess} I came across these adorable cakes that brought back fond memories of many years of trying to create my own imaginative cakes.

You have to love a smiling monkey face!

It's cake, no it's fries, not it's cake! Could have fooled me!

I think I like it but the meatballs just throw me off.
This one is in honor of my hubby. His birthday is next month so I'll let you know how my version turns out.
Scarry but yummy!

One particularly busy year, I ran home to create a one-of-a-kind cake for my daughter. I can't even recall what it was suppose to be but after many mishaps all I could turn it into was a giant face with huge ponytails sticking out of each side of the head. We all laughed. It was really bad but hey, I tried.

Have fun making creative cakes but know when to call in the experts!

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  1. these cakes were great!!! you might this is funny, and perhaps you have some insight on my frosting problems! thanks! kelly.