Friday, March 13, 2009

Real Weddings-Steven and Jessica

One of my philosophies when it comes to weddings is that no two weddings should be alike just like no two couples are alike. Steven and Jessica's wedding decor is the epitome of a wedding that truly reflects the bride and groom. They are a bubbly and outgoing couple with a keen sense of style. Their wedding decor with its lime, cantaloupe and fuchsia color scheme along with a splash of butterflies, beautifully captures this.

They created a custom banquettte for their absolutely charming sweetheart table. The banquette now has a place in their home!


Steven and Jessica and their ultra chic butterfly martini bar.

Ahhh... gorgeous! I love how the flowers cascade with just the perfect amount of elegance and whimsy.

Don't you just love watching a butterfly gently flutter along and then gracefully settle-but only for a moment. The butterflies on their cake are so carefully placed as if they found a momentary resting place.
Steven and Jessica found creative and fun ways to bring their personal style as a couple into the theme and decor of their wedding.
Don't be afraid of exposing a little of yourself at your wedding. Your personality that is!

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