Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cakes-One for the Bride & One for the Groom

Hey brides- With visions of flowers, linens and invitations swirling though your head you may not have thought of this special way that you can honor your groom on your wedding day. Why not surprise him with his very own cake! This southern tradition has seen a reappearance recently. Couples are departing from the chocolate cakes of the past and are instead choosing to showcase the grooms interests in a sweet confection.
Inside joke?

A man and his car is much like a woman and her shoes. An acceptable love affair...
So, I bet you can guess what this groom will be doing on the weekends. Find this here.
I don’t know what the pig says about the groom, maybe not the statement that was intended ,but in any case, isn’t it cute? Find this here.

Groom's cakes don't have to be over the top and reserved for the wedding reception only. Many brides, like Nicole, choose to surprise their groom at their rehearsal dinner.

A decadent peanut butter cheesecake....Go Ohio Buckeyes! True love coming from a USC Trojan bride!

Honor your groom with sweetness.


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