Friday, January 16, 2009

Thaw Out in Hawaii-A perfect winter wedding destination

I realize that much of the continental USA is wrapped up in parkas and tucked into Uggs which might make them feel a little frosty towards my entry about slippers-and I'm not talking about the warm fuzzy ones-think flip-flops. On one of today’s news broadcasts, mid-westerners were testing the effectiveness of a frozen banana (it had been outside for 5 minutes) in hammering a nail into a piece of wood, and it did the job. My point? I live in Hawaii, where bananas do not freeze when placed outdoors, parkas?...What’s that?...and where slippers (flip-flops) are year round foot attire. Which is why, Hawaii is the perfect place to have a winter wedding or a spring, summer or fall wedding for that matter. More on that subject below but first a little tease.

Here are a few facts about this beautiful state that I am so blessed to live in.

Average Daytime Temperature in Summer is 85 degrees F. (29.4 C)
Average Daytime Temperature in Winter is 78 degrees F. (25.6 C)
That’s right we have two seasons.
Average Water Temperature 74 degrees F. (23.3 C)

Thaw out and chill out in Hawaii.

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