Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sassy Shoes

I think I’m like a lot of girls when I say I LOVE shoes. It’s not that I’m obsessed with them or even that I own that many pairs but there’s something mysterious about a girl and her shoes and the bond we have. So deep, I know….
So while my mind is on shoes I’d like to give all brides my two thumbs up when it comes to selecting fabulous shoes for their wedding day. While white, ivory and silver are the traditional colors of footwear for brides, there isn’t a rule that says you are limited to a monochromatic theme. Show a little of your personality by jazzing up your footwear on your big day. If high heels aren’t your thing and you prefer to look into your grooms eyes and not down at his handsome head of hair, or if the thought of high heels makes you grimace with anticipatory discomfort, I’ll have low healed, fabulous shoes to share in the near future. Check out these bright and bold pairs from
Zappos. They’re fun and affordable and they offer free shipping to boot. No pun intended!

More to drool over from Bluefly.

Oh so unexpected!

Go Color! Go Bold! Go For It!

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