Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Creative Wedding Gift Registries

Picture yourself on an ultimate honeymoon getaway to the romantic sites of Paris with the one you love or a chance to purchase that two-story dream home you’ve always wanted with the white-picketed fence.  Now, imagine your friends and family helping you achieve your goals with wedding gift registry alternatives. 
Registries are a great resource for guests to figure out which gift to give the bride and groom.  Find out how you can arrange the perfect gift whether you are soon to be married or you are attending a wedding.  Here are some great options… 

Hatch My House helps you save towards your future home whether it’s a down payment, furniture or improvements.  You can also design your own virtual home.

Honeyfund provides a registry for couples to go on exotic locations and make their dreams happen in a once-in-a-lifetime kind of way. 

Foodie Registry allows you to register for romantic nights at some of the most popular and delicious restaurants in your city.  The great thing about this registry is that you can also use it for other occasions as well, such as birthdays.

I Do Foundation raises money for your favorite charity by donating up to 10% of the gift purchases with one of their partner stores.  It’s the ultimate way to share your love and to give back.

Green Bride Guide offers housewares and other green products that are made from environmentally friendly materials or use production processes that reduce the impact on the environment.  This is a great way to help save our planet.

Also, all of these registries are free to sign-up, which is a great additional plus.  Click on the registry links for more information and happy shopping!   

With Love,
Tracyn (SOLE Intern)

Have you used a non-traditional registry? How was it received by your guests? Please share your comments below.

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