Saturday, June 6, 2009

Made My Day

After a particularly hectic day, productive yet tiring none the less, I came home to the most delightful surprise. My ever so thoughtful hubby had come home before me, delved into our cabinets for a vase and put together a flower arrangement complete with a little piece of notepaper with a hand drawn red heart. sweet! There's something about an arrangement of flowers that just makes me smile. I've attempted to grow my own, ready for the picking at anytime, but it seems that this season of my life is not conducive to remembering to water the plants. Here's a few arrangements to put a smile on your face.
Find this here
Are these not the most stunning and somewhat peculiar blooms?
Find this here
I feel like drinking an afternoon cup of tea and perhaps speaking with an English accent when I look at these.

Find this here
Pretty, pretty peonies. They are one of my favorite flowers.
Find this here
This is actually one arrangement broken into smaller groupings. I like to do this placing a vase in the bathroom, bedroom, dining get the idea. Share the love.
A friend and neighbor recently brought over a gift for watching her adorable pooch. It was a cactus plant. A subtle hint about my gardening skills?

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