Monday, June 8, 2009

Let the Honeymoon Begin-Wedding "Send Off" ideas

I like completeness. It must be my love of checking off to-do lists, finishing a task at one sitting and completing a sentence that has been interrupted several times around the dinner table. When it comes to wedding receptions, there's something concrete about a special send-off. The celebration starts with a ceremony and ends with a ceremony. I understand that many couples choose to close down the party and leave after their guests but if you are like me and you prefer to leave with a little pomp and circumstance, here are some suggestions.
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Who doesn't like the glisten of a sparkler? Perfect for a nighttime departure but watch your head and all that wedding day hairspray.

Photo by Sarah Q
Now, how often do you blow bubbles? Not very often unless you work or live with young children. It's fun to see guests pucker up and blow.

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Eco-friendly confetti will make you feel like you've won the World Series. I always thought it would be cool to be in a ticker-tape parade.

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An easy DIY project, ribbon wands will make you feel like a queen and king. There's nothing to get on your clothes, in your hair or stuck to your lip gloss. An added bonus, guests can wave them at your reception to request a public display of affection (smooch) from you and your new spouse.

Lavender makes a fragrant send-off toss and with properties that induce a sense of calm, any newlywed jitters don't stand a chance.
Fresh and freeze dried rose petals are always a favorite-so lovely.
Some considerations when choosing your send-off options:
-Check with your ceremony or reception venue about restrictions.
-Consider the "messiness" factor and choose what you're comfortable with.
-Ask your photographer for suggestions if capturing the moment is important to you.

If you are a wild and crazy wedding couple, you can't beat silly string. You may have stains on your wedding attire but schedule a "trash the dress" photo-op and spray away. Classy-questionable, fun and unexpected-definitely!

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