Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Wedding Planning Process FAQ

I hear quite often from prospective clients that they just don't know how the wedding planning process works. My answer is that they aren't expected to know how it works unless they have already planned a wedding. Weddings come with their own lingo, acronyms, protocol and etiquette. While all weddings are unique, there are a few common denominators when it comes to wedding planning. I hope to answer a few commonly asked questions asked during the wedding planning process so couples know what they are getting into, don't feel intimidated in hiring a wedding planner and most of all so they can enjoy the planning process.

FAQ-What are your rates?
Answer-There are a lot of factors that come into play when providing a quote or proposal for wedding coordination and design services. These include the location of your wedding, if you are having your ceremony and reception in different locations, guest count and any extra services needed. I love when I receive emails from couples that describe the vision of their wedding in
great detail.

FAQ-I don't live in Hawaii and I can't get there before my wedding. How does this work?
Answer- With email, phone, Skype and Facebook, planning a destination wedding is very easy. If you would like to make a scouting trip, that can certainly be accommodated, but again it is not necessary. Almost all vendors have websites so you can review their services. We can email you images and samples to reassure you of the services and products that you are securing are professional and of high quality.

Planning a wedding would be impossible without my pink laptop!

-I have no time to plan a wedding. Can you help me?
Answer- A lot of couples tell me that they are too busy to think about contacting vendors, researching and thinking about all of the details of a wedding. This is where full coordination services come into play. Starting with a wedding questionnaire and a consultation (either in person or by phone) we'll get the wedding planning ball rolling. By recommending vendors that meet your budget and style needs, offering decor and design suggestions and by taking care of all of the numerous details you can relax and enjoy your celebration.

Final meeting with Justin, Jennifer and photographer Joseph Esser. Finalizing the "Must Have" shot list, reviewing the timeline and having fun doing so! Look for pictures of their September wedding next month.

FAQ-Why do I need a wedding coordinator when I'm organized, detailed and good at planning.
Answer-By all means, if you have the time and the desire to plan your wedding then you should do it. When it comes to your wedding day that's when you'll want to trade in your coordinator hat for a wedding veil. The last thing you should be worrying about on your wedding day is if the reception is being setup correctly,and if the caterer, band, DJ, florist,linens and cake have arrived and are ready to go. Your timeline is a great organizational tool but as the honored guests you shouldn't have to be the keeper of the time and orchestrator of your ceremony and reception. Many couples designate their mom, aunt or friend as coordinator but they really won't be able to fully enjoy your wedding if they're running around all night. That is why I highly suggest a "Day Of" coordinator that is there to make sure your ceremony and reception runs smoothly and is not there to be a guest.

Reviewing a floor plan and deciding where to put the band, DJ, Head Table, Cake and more.

A few kind words from Kelsey (planning her July 2010 wedding) " Evan and I have been very happy with your services. I am a very detailed person, and appreciate your work ethic. From your suggestions, to working with my ideas, you have been great. For my fiance to say that you are "the best money we spent our money on" is huge!"

FAQ-My fiance (groom) isn't helping, what can I do?
Answer-Not picking on grooms, because I have encountered a rare breed of grooms that do get pretty involved in the planning process, but girls relax,your fiance is not being lazy, uninterested and uncaring. He's not trying to make you do all the work and frankly he may be at a loss at to what he can do. After all, when you go to the bookstore you don't see very many men perusing the bridal magazine section. Give him a task and let him run with it without questioning his decision. He may jump on the wedding planning bandwagon after all. As part of my full wedding coordination I provide a groom's checklist assigning tasks that he is more then equipped to handle should he choose to be a part of the planning process.

FAQ-I want my ceremony and reception to be...(fun, romantic, laid-back, you fill in the blank) but how do I make it happen?
Answer-Every wedding should reflect you as a couple, your likes, your personalities and your style. A wedding coordinator and designer can help by suggesting decor, ambiance, and layout ideas as well as put together a ceremony and reception program that all work together to create the mood you are are desiring. We will guide you through the vast options, changing trends and traditions and help you to create a wedding that has your guests leaving knowing that they didn't just go to another wedding, they went to YOUR wedding and it was a special wedding in-deed!

There is much more to cover but I will leave that for Wedding Planning FAQ Part II.

One thing I forgot to add, wedding planning should be fun. Sure there are a lot of little pieces much like a puzzle, but isn't it fun when you find a piece and it fits? I hope you enjoy planning your wedding whether you leave most of it up to a wedding planner or if you plan it yourself. You may spend months or even years planning for one special day so why not enjoy the process and have fun.

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